Is it allowed to build a prefabricated house on rural land?


Prefabricated housing is the future. In Spain, industrialised construction still has a minimal presence compared to other European countries (not even 1%).

One of the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways is to opt for prefabricated houses, a market that has recently attracted increasing interest. However, before considering this option, there are a number of very important and basic issues to be taken into account that will indicate whether or not this type of housing can be installed on the desired site.

As the prefabricated house finder 'FacilHouse' explains on its website, as long as the land is classified as undeveloped or rustic land, this possibility will not be viable. "The construction of a house on undeveloped land enjoys identical urban conditions, whether it is a traditional or prefabricated construction," they explain, adding that the fact that the house is made of wood or another type of prefabricated construction does not serve as an exception.


What constructions are allowed on rural land? Other uses that require more complex permissions are allowed, such as hotels, campsites, sports facilities, etc. But "it is much easier" to obtain a building permit for agricultural constructions. 

However, they recommend going to the local town hall to consult the building options available for the plot of rural land on which you want to build or install a prefabricated house. "It is also good advice to seek the advice of a local architect who is used to dealing with that particular council and who knows the particularities of its planning regulations before doing anything definitive," they conclude.