Urban planning

Urban planning is a branch of architecture linked to the development and design of the urban fabric.

  • Drafting of Municipal Urban Development Plans (POUM)
  • Drafting of urban planning regulations
  • Specific modifications of General Urban Development Plans (PGOU), Municipal Urban Development Plans (POUM) and subsidiary urban development planning regulations
  • Drafting of Partial Urban Development Plans
  • Drafting of Urban Improvement Plans
  • Drafting of Special Plans
  • Plotting and reparcelling projects
  • Polygonal division and delimitation projects
  • Projects for the aggregation and segregation of estates
  • Studies for the readjustment of alignments and gradients, and the specification of volume planning
  • Detailed studies
  • Urban development and civil works projects


Head of department:

Jordi Bertran i Jordà (Architect)